Outstanding Performance

You have been managing my property in Kissimmee, FL, for over 2 years, since 2020.

The management work to which I refer includes:

  • Rental management;
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the property;
  • Pool care;
  • Guests support;
  • Accounting and tax collection;
  • Monthly statements preparation.

I therefore recommend your services as manager of my property, with outstanding performance on the items listed above.

Great people with good hearts

I've been travelling to Florida since 1996 and have owned my villa in Kissimmee since 2007. In that time I've dealt with five villa management companies.
Sasha and Andy are by far and away the best people and company I have worked with. Their knowledge, working standards and commitment are second to none. But it's more than that, they are great people with good hearts and that's rare.
They (and even their daughters) helped tremendously during the 6 month refurbishment of my villa. The work they did for me was simply above and beyond.
The ongoing management and rental booking of my villa has been an incredible success. I honestly could not be happier with their service. I admire everything about their commitment to a new life in Florida, it's truly inspirational.
I can confidently recommend Sasha & Andy as the best villa management company you will find in the area.
Christopher UK

Very Reliable

We have owned a vacation villa in Clermont since 2013. We rent our place out in the months we don't spend our vacation in the US. Sasha has been working for us since they acquired the business about 3 years ago and she's always been very reliable and a problem solver. The house was well kept and they've always helped us with maintenance or guests' issues. Always had very quick and effective communication, even if we live in a +6 hour time zone. Sasha could also help us with bookings in the last 6 months, granting us a regular income. I would definitely recommend Sasha as property manager.

Francesca - Italy

Couldn’t get any better

I would highly recommend Sasha & Andy as vacation management for the way they have looked after my house in Clermont, FL that I have owned for 7 years. For the first 5 years our previous property Manager who looked after our property did a good job for the cleanliness of our house and for getting the bookings. Then for the last 2 years it’s been Sasha it went up another level bookings have been great the cleanliness I thought couldn’t get any better but it has. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sasha & Andy as property management to other owners.
Graeme - Scotland